FAQ & Tree Seedling Care

Frequently asked questions about your tree seedlings, tree species, planting & growing your trees, your orders, shipping, wholesale and our business.

Our nursery proudly grows 3.5 million evergreen trees a year.

Trees can be frozen with no ill effects.

Upon decorating, trees will last up to two weeks before watering is required.

Where do you ship trees?
We ship to Canada and the U.S.

How do you ship trees?
After we decorate your order to your specifications, we carefully package your order and ship via courier across North America. You should receive your trees 1 week to 5 days before your event. Even if you order months in advance, we time it so that your order will arrive in the appropriate time. We send out decorated trees so you should receive them on a Tuesday or a Wednesday (assuming a weekend wedding). Kits and tree seedlings only should be received one week before the wedding. The courier delivers them to your door so we must have an address where someone will be there to accept and sign for them. They will not be left if no one is there to receive them.

How long will the trees last before being planted?
After being watered and put into their plastic bags the trees should be good for about 2 weeks. If you order decorated seedlings keep the trees closed in the box until the day of the wedding. If you order a kit or seedlings only, we will include instructions on watering the trees before they are wrapped. We suggest that the trees not be wrapped until as close to the wedding as possible. This will give your guests as much time as possible to plant them. If the trees are given out in winter they may be planted into small pots until outdoor conditions are suitable for planting.

How should we plant our seedlings?
Each seedling will come with detailed planting instructions, but in brief:

  • Allow space to grow, mature trees can grow up to 20 ft. in diameter
  • Keep soil plug moist
  • Remove plastic wrapping
  • Dig hole and place top of roots even with soil surface
  • Pack topsoil around roots and water thoroughly
  • For trees received in the winter, plant into pots until outdoor weather is suitable
  • Spring and summer plant outdoors as normal
  • Keep watered and treat as any yard plant
Enjoy your new tree!


Where is Evergreen Memories located?
Dryden, Ontario, Canada is located in the heart of tree country in central Canada. To be more exact, it is located approximately half way between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Thunder Bay, Ontario on the Trans-Canada highway.

How big are the tree seedlings that we will get?
The tree seedling will vary in size but most will be between 6" - 15" inches tall. The soil plug will add an additional 3 inches to the total height.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes. Retailers can contact us for our wholesale price list. Someone must be at the delivery address to accept and sign for the trees. They will not be left at an address unattended.

What are each of the tree species like when grown?
tree species
White Spruce
A characteristic tree of the boreal forest region but is found almost everywhere in Canada. Grows in a variety of soils and climates and on average will grow to a mature height of 80 ft. and a trunk diameter of 2 ft. In open areas lower branch spread of 20 ft. is not uncommon.

Blue Spruce
Similar characteristics to White Spruce. This tree is noted for its beautiful bluish, often silvery and extremely stiff needle pointed leaves which radiate at almost right angles to the twig.

Red Pine
Red Pines grow in similar conditions as the White Pine. The tree matures into a beautiful, strong tree with a redish-brown bark and chestnut brown pine cones. The lush green needles grow 4 to 6 inches long.

People love cedar trees for their dense, soft needles, making them easy to prune and shape that makes them gorgeous focus points in landscaping project, and for their desirable fragrance, often reproduced in scented holiday candles.

White Pine
The tallest conifer in eastern Canada and also the official tree of the Province of Ontario commonly reaches heights of 100 ft. and trunk diameters of 3 ft. White pine is found growing throughout eastern Canada in a variety of soils but does best on moist sandy or loamy soils. This tree will grow in most areas of Canada and the USA.